Sustainable Flower Delivery Brand LVLY Launches in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 15 September 2022 – LVLY, a sustainable flower delivery brand, launches in Malaysia, marking its first international expansion. Exploring this second market after Australia, LVLY aims to re-invent the flower industry through their commitment to zero waste.

Known for its iconic flower jars and ‘Someone Thinks You’re Awesome’ boxes, LVLY was acquired by Southeast Asia’s Limitless Technology Group in May 2022. Together, the combined entities will form one of APAC’s leading online flower retailers.

LVLY saw significant growth over the past two years in Australia with their market-leading ‘7 day, same-day delivery’ proposition, putting them among the trailblazers within the e-commerce and logistics space.

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As a brand, LVLY holds sustainability close to its core. Understanding the importance of being sustainable and mindful within the industry, LVLY predominantly sources all materials that are used to prepare these gift boxes locally to reduce their carbon footprint while supporting local businesses.

LVLY is steadfast in their commitment to increase the resilience of local communities which is in line with the Malaysian government’s initiatives and making an impact within the industry. This propels the brand to the forefront of the line of companies that are shifting their products and services to be environmentally and socially conscious.

LVLY Most Wanted Services

“Our vision to firmly establish LVLY as APAC’s most loved and most used flower and gift delivery company is now on the fast track through its recent integration into the Limitless Technology Group. We are excited to bring our values especially on sustainability to the Malaysian market,” says LVLY CEO David Robinson.

Setting itself apart, the brand’s Thoughtful Marketing approach aims to change the culture surrounding its brand communications as well as improve the brand experience for customers across this flourishing industry.

Understanding that there is a responsibility to respect and protect people’s emotional and psychological wellbeing, LVLY puts their customers first by allowing them to opt-out from potentially sensitive marketing messages around big calendar events, such as Mother’s or Father’s Day where it may be painful for people to be reminded of the event while mourning the loss of a parent.

“We believe in keeping loved ones connected, particularly when people might be struggling to ‘be there’ for each other. LVLY has never been more relevant or more in demand. Rapid delivery is becoming a customer expectation, not a nice-to-have and that’s a trend reflected in online gifting around the world.,” said LVLY Co-Founder, Hannah Spilva.

LVLY is determined to make positive emotional connections for both their customers and those they reach out to. The isolation and social restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic hit people especially hard and LVLY is doing their part in ensuring that people don’t feel that same sense of isolation when using their service.

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