ManageEngine Launches Identity360 for Cloud-Native Identity Management

ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corporation, has launched Identity360, a cloud-native identity management platform to address identity and access management challenges within enterprise workforces.

This platform provides centralized identity management, integrating directories and applications for streamlined user identity management. It enforces access controls and offers end-to-end identity lifecycle management.

In addition, the company has added access certification and identity risk assessment functions to its on-premises identity governance and administration solution, ADManager Plus. These enhancements aim to improve compliance and mitigate security risks in enterprise environments.

Highlights of ManageEngine’s IAM Solutions

● Centralized Universal Directory that offers directory services and comprehensive reports on identities ● Consolidated management of user identities across integrated systems with advanced capabilities like orchestration, smart templates and SCIM-based provisioning

● Reduced password fatigue and risk of unauthorized access with MFA-secured SSO

● Visibility into the security gaps in Active Directory environments along with remediation measures to mitigate them proactively

● Enhanced security by limiting access to network resources through periodic review and validation of access permissions

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