Braskem: Japan Presence to Help Further Develop Market Opportunities

Braskem, the leading global biopolymer producer opened a Representative Office in Tokyo, Japan which is one of the key markets for the company’s I’m green bio-based Polyethylene (PE).

The company says having its own staff on the ground marks Braskem’s continuous commitment to the Japanese market and to further develop biopolymer solutions based on renewable feedstock.

Braskem in Japan

For over 15 years, the company has provided biopolymers to the Japanese market as part of its sustainable solutions, in line with the country’s goals to become a circular low-carbon economy.

Braskem recently increased the production capacity of biopolymers in Brazil by 30% and has established an JV with SCGChemicals to develop a project in Thailand to increase the regional availability of I’m green™ bio-based Polyethylene (PE) in Asia.

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Soller on delivering low-carbon alternatives

Walmir Soller, VP of Braskem for Europe & Asia and Global Leader for the I’m green bio-based PE business says: “Expanding the I’m green bio-based PE reach and delivering low-carbon alternatives to our customers is aligned with the increasing societal demand for sustainable solutions.

” Our Representative office in Japan will be Braskem’s ambassador to work together with local stakeholders and advocate for the development of the low carbon solutions. We want to be an active partner in Japan’s journey towards net zero, contributing with our experience and track record in producing plastics from sustainably sourced renewable feedstock.“

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