Jaya Grocer Launches ‘Pop-Up’ Store at Sunway Pyramid

Jaya Grocer, a leading supermarket chain, has opened a ‘pop-up’ store at Sunway Pyramid to provide a sneak peek of what customers can expect from its upcoming flagship store set to open next year. Adelene Foo, the CEO of Jaya Grocer, emphasized that this initiative aims to “mark their space” in the mall while renovation and fit-out work is ongoing. The pop-up store aligns with Jaya Grocer’s service promise to find innovative ways to delight their customers and offers an immediate shopping option for loyal patrons during the renovation period.

Jaya Grocer at Sunway Pyramid

The Sunway Pyramid store is highly anticipated, considering the mall’s prominent position in the city. Jason Chin, the Senior General Manager of Sunway Pyramid, expressed excitement about Jaya Grocer’s presence and their commitment to setting up a ‘pop-up’ store to serve customers during this interim period.

As a gesture of appreciation to Sunway Pyramid customers, Jaya Grocer is offering special opening promotions from October 1st to 15th, covering products from various categories. The ‘pop-up’ store has two parts, with the main section at the Blue Concourse providing groceries to the public and the other section at the Orange Concourse offering products from Baker’s Son and imported goods like those from Coles of Australia.

Jaya Grocer’s new flagship store at Sunway Pyramid is expected to be fully operational by the fourth quarter of 2024, and customers can look forward to more special opening promotions. Jaya Grocer is a well-known home-grown brand with a wide range of quality fresh ingredients and imported goods, boasting over 45 outlets nationwide and various store formats. Customers can also benefit from value deals and discounts through the Jaya Grocer Membership program powered by Grab, accessible via the Grab mobile app.

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