ESG: Catalysing Asia’s Sustainability via Labuan IBFC

The Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) organized the Labuan International Finance Lecture Series 2023 with a focus on “ESG: Catalysing Asia’s Sustainability via Labuan IBFC.” The event featured discussions on the global importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance principles in financial markets and the challenges and opportunities they present.

ESG with Labuan IBFC

The lecture included a panel discussion on climate positivity and a presentation on Islamic climate finance. Labuan FSA is actively promoting ESG initiatives through market enablers and fostering Environmental, Social, and Governance cultures and best practices. The goal is to create a sustainable and resilient financial sector in Labuan, in line with Malaysia’s Environmental, Social, and Governance pursuit. Approximately 200 attendees from various financial sectors participated in the event.

Nik Mohamed Din Nik Musa, Director General of Labuan FSA says, “Labuan FSA is dedicated to further strengthen climate-related risk management capabilities and seamlessly integrating sustainability into Labuan financial institutions’ governance practices. These initiatives represent a crucial component of our vision for a sustainable and resilient financial sector, underlining our commitment to shape a more sustainable and resilient future”.

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