Boycott McDonald’s Malaysia – The Fallout

In the heart of Southeast Asia, a wave of boycotts is stirring up a storm. Beloved brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks find themselves caught in the crosshairs. All because of reports that they’re pro-Israel.

But what’s the real impact? Imagine this, McDonald’s Malaysia employs over twenty-one thousand local workers. With every ringgit not spent, their livelihoods teeter on the edge.

Boycott McDonald’s – Starbucks

Yet, the thunder of this boycott isn’t just disrupting the golden arches. Starbucks, though seemingly silent, isn’t immune. Many coffee lovers are turning their backs, choosing to sip their lattes elsewhere. Many are boycotting the brand saying they send royalties to Israel.

So, as we navigate these turbulent times, the brand owners in Malaysia deny any links with Israel. The Muslim owners regret the decision to boycott the brand. To get more videos, keep visiting LatestMalaysia.

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