Cortex Machina Unveils Vortex: Commercial AI Brain-to-Computer Interface

Here’s are innovative technologies showcased at Slush 2023, featuring advancements in AI, healthcare, and agritech. Cortex Machina introduces the Vortex Brain-to-Computer Interface headset, promising seamless EEG data processing and integration with AI tools.

HeartKinetics presents an AI platform for wearable sensors, aiming to detect cardiac conditions early. aSmartWorld stands out in the refurbished smartphone industry, emphasizing ethical practices.

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Wallonia Export & Investment Agency

Cortex Machina

The emphasis at the event was on the Wallonia Export & Investment Agency’s role in fostering dialogue among industry leaders. Overall, Slush 2023 showcases cutting-edge solutions with potential impacts on healthcare, technology, and sustainability.

With Cortex Machina unveiling the Vortex Brain-to-Computer Interface headset at Slush 2023, it is interesting to note that this commercial AI headset offers user-friendly software, Cortex Dev SDK, tailored for EEG researchers.

The Cortex Machina

It enables seamless EEG data recording, cleaning, and processing. Future software versions will include EEG feature-extraction, AI model training, and integration with the Cortex Machina server for access to pre-trained AI tools.

Cortex Machina

The Cortex Desktop App serves as a bridge between the Vortex headset and third-party software applications, demonstrated through live BCI game sessions allowing players to control on-screen characters with their minds. This innovation marks a significant step in Brain-to-Computer Interface technology.

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