Should Malaysians Boycott 7-Eleven Now?

After the heavy boycott campaigns agaisnt Starbucks, McDonalds and in some way, Grab now 7-Eleven could become another victim of the anti-Isr43li campaign in Malaysia. A MalaysiaNow report says 7-Eleven might be the next to join the list.

7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings Bhd now have Farhash Wafa Salvador as the new chairman. He is a right-hand man of Anwar Ibrahim. While the portal may have a clear anti-Anwar agenda, the fallout of boycotts on investments in Malaysia should be measured too.

The 7-Eleven Story

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With the US and most of the West backing the Isr43lis in the war in Gaza, is the investment worth around RM63 bil from the US secured by the Anwar government so far at risk?

Tesla, corporations like Disney and a long list of companies owned by Isr43lis or are pro-Isr43l is circulating on social media. Some users are urging people to boycott these brands. They should include the very popular Waze in Malaysia.

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