Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Thrives in Landmark Year of Events

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) concludes 2023 on a high note, hosting a record-breaking 1,724 events and welcoming 1.3 million delegates, contributing over RM656 million to Malaysia’s economy.

General Manager John Burke attributes the success to surpassing ambitious targets by over 30%, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of the Malaysian business events supply chain, including the Malaysia Exhibition and Conference Bureau.

Despite challenges in 2021, the Centre’s remarkable rebound showcases its vital role in Malaysia’s economic prosperity, generating RM11 billion in economic impact since its opening in 2005.

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Year of events

In 2023, revenue diversification includes conventions (26%), exhibitions (28%), and the corporate segment (46%). Sustainability initiatives and a Net Zero Carbon Events pledge earn recognition, while awards highlight the Centre’s excellence in managed properties and specialized development. Culinary achievements and active promotion of Malaysia as a business events hub further elevate its standing.

Engaging globally, John Burke’s election to the UFI Board underlines international recognition. The Centre’s commitment to excellence continues with upgrades planned for 2024, ensuring it remains a dynamic and innovative venue.

With 65% of the 2024 revenue target secured, the Centre anticipates another remarkable year ahead, contributing to the global events landscape and positioning Malaysia as a premier business events destination.

John Burke on the year of events

“It is important to continue to connect and engage with industry professionals and, when possible, give them a firsthand experience of Malaysian capabilities and hospitality. While 2023 has been a great success for us as a venue there is still a lot to do to position Malaysia as the best business events destination in the region.

“Malaysia offers fantastic value for money and an English fluency which sets it apart from many of its competitors in the region. It is important that we take leverage these advantages to create more international awareness of Malaysia’s unique benefits”, says John Burke, the Centre’s General Manager.

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