FIVE ELE’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Now Accessible in Malaysian Markets

Singaporean wellness brand FIVE ELE has officially entered the Malaysian market, offering a range of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and herbal-based products.

The lineup includes medicinal cures, health supplements, and edible cosmeceutical capsules developed using ancient medicinal techniques. FIVE ELE’s products aim to restore the yin and yang balance in the body, promoting natural healing and preventing ailments through the harmony of the Five Elements.

Co-Founder Grace Liang envisions a collaborative future between Western and traditional Chinese Medicine, with a focus on integrating TCM into mainstream healthcare.

The brand collaborates with local clinics in Malaysia to enhance consumer access to natural health and wellness. FIVE ELE’s health supplements target various health needs, emphasizing holistic well-being and improving overall quality of life.

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FIVE ELE and Cosmeceuticals

In response to the growing use of TCM for COVID treatment, the brand has introduced supplements for symptomatic relief from long COVID. Beyond medicine, FIVE ELE ventures into cosmeceuticals with InnerMost Radiance, capsules promoting skin brightening and rejuvenation.

The brand prioritizes research and development, manufacturing its products in-house with proprietary medicinal formulas. With a new production facility in Singapore and plans for regional expansion, FIVE ELE aims to strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia, making Malaysia a key hub.

“Our rigorous trials and research are part of our process to create nutritional products which can be widely recognised in the global health supplement industry. On top of formulas developed in-house, we also take special care to source only the finest Chinese medicinal herbs and raw ingredients from across the globe in accordance with strict safety standards. It’s only natural — pun intended!”, says Grace Liang, Co-Founder of FIVE ELE.

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