A 3rd World War is on the horizon?

A Third World War is ‘not beyond the realm of possibility’, says UN General Assembly president Dennis Francis on Wednesday as he expresses grave concern over Israel’s continuing onslaught in Gaza and raises the spectre of a wider conflict.

The war has provoked fears of a regional conflagration, with tensions running high in the Red Sea region as Yemen’s Houthi armed forces are enforcing an anti-Israel sea blockade.

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“So a third world war is not beyond the realm of possibility,“ he said. “And because of the weapons that exist, the power of the weapons that now exist, the outcome is not going to resemble what we saw in the last two wars,“ he adds.

3rd World War?

The U.S. and U.K. have launched direct attacks in Yemen, escalating concerns of a broader conflict involving more nations. In response to genocide allegations against Israel, Francis emphasized the need for an independent ICC investigation to determine the truth.

He acknowledged evidence of protected facilities being targeted in Israel’s bombing campaign but refrained from making conclusive statements about genocide.

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