Malaysia’s AI Code of Ethics Nears Completion, Launch Set Soon

Malaysia’s AI Code of Ethics is nearing completion, with over 90% progress, set to launch by the end of February. Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Chang Lih Kang announced the forthcoming release, highlighting the efforts of a special committee to develop comprehensive guidelines for AI technology.

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AI Code of Ethics

Additionally, a collaboration between Felda and Abeco Nature Science Sdn Bhd aims to enhance antimicrobial peptide and protein production in black soldier fly larvae, contributing to sustainable feed solutions for livestock and aquaculture.

This research aligns with Malaysia’s National Biotechnology Policy 2.0, emphasizing food security and economic sustainability by reducing reliance on imported animal feed.

“The AI Code of Ethics is expected to be launched at the end of February, it has reached the final stage. Once we launch it, we will provide more details, and we will conduct a press conference. Currently, it is at over 90% completion,” Chang says.

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