foundit Launches Triumph 2024: Virtual Career Fair Promoting Diversity

foundit, formerly known as Monster APAC & ME, is launching Triumph 2024, a virtual career fair aimed at promoting diversity in hiring, particularly targeting women and Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in Malaysia.

Scheduled for March 5 to 7, the event will feature job opportunities across various sectors and functions. Triumph 2024 aims to empower job seekers by focusing on high-demand job functions such as IT, Banking & Financial Services, Customer Service, and more.

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foundit and diversity

The event will include speaker sessions, webinars, and knowledge sessions focused on themes like women in leadership and diversity in organizations. foundit CEO, Sekhar Garisa, expressed commitment to creating inclusive workplaces and bridging employment gaps.

With a focus on attracting over 50K registrations and fostering engagement with women profiles, the event seeks to address barriers to employment for women in Malaysia.

The article highlights a significant increase in job opportunities for women in the dynamic job market, signaling a growing awareness among employers about the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The last edition of Triumph in India saw substantial success, indicating the potential impact of such initiatives in promoting diversity and equality in hiring. Registrations for Triumph SEA are now open for interested candidates.

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