Chef Muda Mahsuri Programme Supports The Dreams of Underprivileged Youths

PETALING JAYA, 5 March 2024 – Mahsuri Food Sdn. Bhd. (Mahsuri), a leading producer of Halal-certified products for the ASEAN region, in partnership with the Food Institute Malaysia (FIM), hosted an appreciation and graduation event today for its first cohort of graduates from the Chef Muda Mahsuri Programme.

The ceremony honoured five graduates from last year’s Chef Muda Mahsuri Programme, who were sponsored by Mahsuri for a Certificate of Attendance in the Malay Dishes Course. The comprehensive sevenmonth programme included a threemonth job placement at several Chef Wan’s restaurants.

During the event, Mahsuri and FIM, in collaboration with Zakat Selangor, awarded scholarships to 10 additional underprivileged youths under the Chef Muda Mahsuri Programme. Starting in May 2024, they will undergo rigorous hands-on training and acquire valuable skills under the guidance of experienced chefs.

The Chef Muda Mahsuri Programme

Mahsuri’s Non-Executive Director, Dato’ Ahmad Tajuddin Idris said: “With these scholarships, we aim to enhance and cultivate the culinary skills of our talented youth, ensuring they have a strong foundation to thrive. This programme goes beyond just developing their skills and recipes; it also gives them the confidence to excel in the industry. Our goal is to elevate Malay cuisine and pay homage to our heritage.”

Honorary Advisor of the FIM, Master Chef Moh Johari Edrus said: “We hope through the Chef Muda Mahsuri Programme, there will be more professional chefs in Malaysia who can inspire passionate youths to join the field. The food and beverage (F&B) industry in Malaysia is a thriving sector that plays a significant economic role and provides employment opportunities. Through this programme, we aim to give deserving Malaysians an opportunity to realise their dreams and contribute to the growth of our F&B industry.”

Launched in July last year, the Chef Muda Mahsuri Programme supports underprivileged Malaysian youths who have completed secondary school and aspire to become chefs. It provides an opportunity to perfect their skills and become the next generation of chefs in the culinary field.

Transforming the passion

One Chef Muda Mahsuri Scholar, Fahrin Iskandar Zaini, 20, expressed: “This programme has transformed my passion into a profession. The scholarship not only provided me with financial aid, but also equipped me with the necessary skills, techniques and confidence to thrive in the F&B industry. I am now prepared to take on the culinary world.”

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Chef Muda Mahsuri 2023 graduates:

  1. Fahrin Iskandar bin Zaidi, 20
  2. Meor Ridhwan bin Meor Rashidi, 19
  3. Muhammad Adib Mukhriz bin Abu Bakar,20
  4. Nur Izzah Nadhirah binti Muhammed Anuai, 19
  5. Siti Nur Aina binti Salleh, 19

Chef Muda Mahsuri 2024 scholars:

1. Nur Syakirah binti Harun, 18

2. Iman binti Ahmad Faizal, 20

3.Qomariah binti Mohd Helmy, 20

4. Saidatul Amilla binti Indera, 21

5. Haziq Zulhilmi bin Helimi, 23

6. Nurul Umaiya binti Rosman, 18

7. Nuril hairah binti Ramizan, 18

8. Nurmarissa Balqis bt Mohd Sufian, 18

9. Muhammad Fahmi Aiman bin Zubir, 18

10. Siti Nur Athirah binti Sharif, 18

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