Noor Alia: “Women empower Women!”

Noor Alia Mohd Anif, Head of Marketing of Rosen Group in Asia Pacific, Career and Leadership Development speaks to Business News Malaysia on her career and what it takes to empower the female workforce.

In this interview, Noor Alia reflects on her career journey from traditional to digital marketing, emphasizing the importance of determination, continuous learning, mentorship, and collaboration.

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Navigating the balance between work and single motherhood with support from the network is crucial. Committed to empowering female colleagues, she advocate for trust-building, mentorship, and community-building initiatives like quarterly luncheons and fitness sessions.

Noor Alia believes in creating opportunities for women in male-dominated industries through trust, recognition of capabilities, and providing opportunities to shine, citing her own experiences under supportive leadership. Overall, she emphasizes the importance of gender equality, empowerment, and inclusivity in the workplace.

Noor Alia – the career path

Here are the questions and answers:

Business News: How have you built your extensive career over the past 17 years?

Noor Alia: Being in the career of Marketing & Communication before the rise of digital age has given me a vast experience and opportunities to be who am I today.

The shift from traditional to digital work methods has had a profound impact on my career. I have worked in a variety of areas, including the legal field, healthcare, aviation, and maritime, as well as nine years in engineering and public safety.

The most significant turning points in my professional life have been moving from a traditional to a 360-degree marketing strategy, which includes digital marketing and traditional combined together to create a significant impact in the overall strategy.

Based on my experience, I believe to build an extensive career in any industry requires a determination and self-belief. Learning never stops as change is inevitable. Another way of building up your career is via mentorship program. A mentor could significantly help you to give you a different perspective based on their extensive experiences and collaboration is also essentials in creating a great path to your career journey. Active listening is essential, be assertive but humble. Those are the keys to your success.

Since the beginning of my career, my leadership team has provided me numerous opportunities to shine, and for that, I am grateful. I’m lucky to have a terrific network of mentors and colleagues that support me constantly and offer advice when I ask it in order tohelp me get better.

Work-life balance

How do you navigate the balance between your work and being a single mother?

Each day presents a unique challenges in my life. I strive to give it my all every day. Like other mothers in the world, I want to give my son the best life possible while balancing my passion for my career.

Thank God, I have a solid support network to help me manage my everyday responsibilities as a mother and a daughter while also pursuing my interests for work.

I am very thankful to have a healthy co-parenting life with my son’s dad, a very understanding boss, a great colleagues, a line up of compassionate teachers for my son, supportive parents, family members and close friends who always be my greatest cheerleaders!  I couldn’t be at this stage without their encouragement and empathy.

Could you discuss your dedication to empowering your female colleagues throughmentorship and community?

In my experience, an informal manner is the most effective when dealing with new members of any organization. Working at ROSEN has given me a new perspective on how I may collaborate with others and advance professionally while surrounded by newcomers who represent the next generation. 

The engineering field can be difficult. I used to casually approach these interns and recent arrivals. The first steps in building trust are to get to know someone honestly, listen to them without passing judgment, and gain an understanding of their thought processes. Trust is, after all, the cornerstone of any relationship, and mentoring is no exception.
This will foster a supportive atmosphere that encourages students to be fearless and voice their opinions.

I always believe in this phase “Women empower Women!” Our strength as women are undeniable. Utmost support from our surroundings is most required to ensure that we reach out to our dreams.

Our quarterly luncheon, daily workouts after office which we called “ROActive”  and get togethers has contributed a lot of positive impact to women in ROSEN.

These activities provides an opportunity to come together, network and build a supportive community. It also serves as “ice-breaking” session that promoting closeness that leads to more productive working environment among us.

These program has played a significant role in fostering a more inclusive and supportive work environment. Afterall, all the initiatives leads to be more confident and  empowered us to thrive in our careers.

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

What are your thoughts on creating opportunities for women in male-dominated industries?

Establishing the relationship and cooperation between both genders is essential to giving women the chance to succeed in a field that is dominated by males. Throughout my career, I have always held this belief.

I was a living example of how my leader, Floris Verhagen, the Vice President – Business Collaboration for ROSEN Asia Pacific, recognized my capabilities and under his leadership, he provided me with numerous opportunities and support to demonstrate my abilities in excelling the marketing department for the entire region over the last nine years.  

Coming back to the subject of creating opportunities for women in male-dominated industries, I believe we need to trust and give them opportunities to shine. 

This is what I learned from VUCA leadership style, which is that a female leader in a male-dominated industry must demonstrate empathy, flexibility, trust and lead through change effectively in order to encourage future generations of female leaders. I do not believe in micromanaging; I trust the team to do their job, and we work as a team.  After all, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

Marketing and Social Responsibility

How do you view the role of marketing in shaping the image of the engineering and public safety industry?

The engineering and public safety are serious and heavy industries. In a way, they are responsible for designing, maintaining, and even protecting public safety; and, of course, we cannot afford to mess around.

Therefore, what we do as marketers/communicators is instill the “human touch” in our marketing approach.  

What does it mean? We complement the seriousness of the industry by adapting emotional intelligence to all marketing approaches. We translate the engineering jargons into a digestible sentence so society can better understand what they are doing. On top of that, we interpret their world so others can get a glimpse into the world of engineering.

Personally, I believe our role is all about making the ‘engineering world’ closer to society, especially the non-technical people. 

Why do you think social responsibility movements are important, and what initiatives have you initiated through Rosen?

As a leader who fully embraces the social responsibility movement, my team and I initiated and supported projects aimed at improving the ESG aspect.

Our company, ROSEN, recognizes the value of social responsibility, and one of our programs is a community outreach initiative in which we organize a laptop donation campaign to a rural school in Selangor that supports the Virtual Online Learning campaign from a few years ago. This campaign helped students learn more effectively, acquire knowledge, and become more tech-savvy.

Our on-going programs in the Asia Pacific region are focused on environmental sustainability and health and safety. A few noteworthy examples include our installation of solar panels at our offices in Perth and Kuala Lumpur, beach clean-ups, trash collection efforts, and HSE days.

These initiatives foster community building while teaching the general public the value of contributing to society and upholding sustainability in the fields of public safety and engineering.

The article is published to celebrate the International Women’s Day

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