Airo Launches Shariah-Compliant Portfolios, GrabGifts Incentive Offered

Airo, Malaysia’s premier investment platform, introduces Shariah-compliant portfolios in response to rising demand for ethical investments aligned with Islamic principles.

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Airo and innovation


With Malaysia leading in Islamic financing, Airo offers innovative portfolios blending ethical investing with advanced technology. Their approach includes active management strategies for optimal returns while adhering to Shariah principles.

Investors can choose from conservative, balanced, or growth portfolios, ensuring a range of risk profiles. Airo collaborates with Shariah advisors to maintain compliance and ethical standards.

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To incentivize investment, users can receive a GrabGifts voucher by investing in these portfolios between March 19 and April 2, 2024.

“With Airo, investors embark on a journey where financial aspirations meet responsible investing, all within a framework that respects and upholds the principles of Shariah law. In curating our portfolios, we focus on companies with strong management, prioritizing sustainable growth over short-term gains — some key indicators of this include stability in earnings and a strong balance sheet, coupled with the ability to generate free cash flow, to name a few. Our end goal is to ensure that we provide optimal investment opportunities for our clientele,” says Mr. Sho Toh Yih Jang, Chief Executive Officer of Airo.

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