Navigator α Humanoid Robot: SUPCON Integrates AI with Robotics

George Cui Shan, Chairman & CEO of SUPCON, discusses establishing the Zhejiang Humanoid Robot Innovation Center and the debut of Navigator α.

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The Innovation Center, supported by SUPCON, focuses on intelligent sensing, control tech, and robot development. Navigator α, a 1.5m tall robot, integrates advanced hardware and AI-driven algorithms for breakthroughs in robotics.

Humanoid Robot

SUPCON emphasizes collaboration for AI-driven industrial transformation and stresses the importance of bridging tech research with industrial needs for future applications.

George underscored that, unlike traditional humanoid robots that focus primarily on the connection of parts and the overall system, the collaboration between SUPCON and the Innovation Center aims to achieve breakthroughs in AI technology and its industrial application.

Humanoid Robot
Navigator α (PRNewsfoto/SUPCON Technology Co., Ltd.)

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