Gas Stations Reap Federal Funds for EV Charging Expansion

The rollout of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations funded by the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure law is predominantly occurring at gas stations and truck stops, raising questions about the preservation of fossil fuel infrastructure amidst the EV transition.

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Despite initial resistance, fueling centers are now leveraging lobbying efforts to secure federal funding for EV charging, citing the need for a cushion during the shift away from gasoline. Notably, this trend spans across states regardless of political affiliation, with both Trump and Biden-won states seeing significant investments in charging infrastructure at traditional gas stations.

The involvement of gas stations in the EV economy has been facilitated by adjustments in regulations and lobbying efforts, allowing them to emerge as major beneficiaries of federal funding.

Gas Stations winners

Companies like Pilot Flying J, Love’s Travel Stops, and Shell’s retail division are among the primary recipients of subsidies, positioning them as key players in the burgeoning EV-charging market.

While some environmental groups cautiously welcome the deployment of fast chargers at gas stations, questions remain about the long-term implications for emissions reduction efforts.

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Moreover, the distribution of funding through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program highlights the distinction between ownership of infrastructure in the gasoline era versus the EV era, where charging stations are often operated by separate entities from the site hosts.

Overall, the dominance of gas and diesel sellers in the initial wave of EV-charging subsidies underscores the complex dynamics between traditional fossil fuel industries and the evolving landscape of transportation electrification.

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