The End of the Road: The Emotional Transformation of Truck Driving in America

Joe had been driving trucks for over 20 years. He loved the open road, the freedom of being his own boss, and the thrill of delivering goods across the country. He had seen many changes in the industry, from new regulations to new technologies, but nothing prepared him for the day he saw a driverless truck on the highway. It was a sleek white vehicle with a blue and green ‘W’ on the windshield. It had no driver, no steering wheel, no pedals. Controlled by a computer that used sensors, cameras, GPS and Wi-Fi to navigate the traffic and follow the route. This machine was part of a convoy of similar trucks that were platooning behind each other, saving fuel or energy. The Beginning of the End This is what is going to change the life of truck drivers in the USA. A truck driver’s life in the USA is not easy. It involves long hours on the road, away from home and family, facing various challenges and risks. It also requires a lot of skill, dedication and passion for the job. He or she may start the day early, before dawn, to avoid traffic and make good time. The driver may drive for up to 11 hours a day, with mandatory breaks every few hours. Follow strict regulations and keep track of his hours of service, fuel consumption, mileage and cargo weight. They also have to inspect the truck before and after each trip and report any issues or defects. It is a lot of working hours, but there is as much fun and seriousness in this truck driving business. The matter of truck driving has been featured a lot in Hollywood movies in particular. But the changes in the industry are yet to be featured in a ‘Duel‘…

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