Narrowing The Digital Competence Gap

She Loves Data (SLD), a Singapore-headquartered global non-profit organization dedicated to creating equal opportunities for women in the data-driven economy, and Milieu Insight have conducted a Southeast Asia consumer survey to collect workforce insights on learning pathways. Jana Marle-Zizkova, Co-founder and volunteering CEO at She Loves Data says, “As businesses across all industries embrace digital transformation, corporations and employers struggle to fill roles across all digital skills domains. We hope to narrow the digital competence gap with the new SLDxDigital training so women get their fair share of digital economy opportunities.” The survey found that more than eight out of ten women in Southeast Asia are interested in taking courses to develop their professional skills. Of those women, 30% expressed interest in learning about artificial intelligence, data, and analytics. Additionally, 44% of employees in Southeast Asia and 57% in Indonesia intend to switch careers within the next five years. The survey also revealed that women in Singapore are less familiar with digital marketing compared to the regional average, but women aged 35 years and above in Thailand and the Philippines are highly motivated to upskill as they plan to establish their own businesses. Spot Your Family Car in Powerful 60s Video Footage This is for the readers who can remember what type of car their family had in the 1960s when cars were made robust. Do You Recall Your Family Car from the 1960s MORE As a response to the demand for reskilling, She Loves Data launched its pilot digital skills training program SLDxDigital in March 2023, designed to provide transferable skills in digital innovation, digital analytics, and data-driven digital marketing. The program consists of three modules, each lasting four weeks, and will be delivered virtually on Saturdays to allow career women to participate. Upon successful completion of each module,…

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