1st Petrochemical Sustainability Conference Announced

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 18, 2022 — The Malaysian Petrochemicals Association is organising its first international conference on petrochemical sustainability focusing on the challenges and how key industry stakeholders can navigate the transition towards net-zero carbon emissions.

The Petrochemical Sustainability Conference scheduled on September 13 and 14 will gather over 50 thought leaders and over 500 delegates from Malaysia and the region in Kuala Lumpur.

The two-day interactive conference gains importance as it will take place amid urgent climate change issues and growing shift towards clean energy transition across the world.

“PSC 2022 will focus on three key areas to support the sustainability journey – the decarbonisation of operations, circular economy practices and enablers supporting the transition,” says Mr Akbar Md Thayoob, President of MPA.

“The event aims to support the regional petrochemical industry and its value chain through this challenging time by facilitating knowledge sharing on key climate related topics impacting their overall business sustainability.

“The conference would enable petrochemical players to restructure or reset their respective transition base where necessary, allowing their latest efforts to be streamlined with the industry’s identified pathways.”

Petrochemicals exhibition

The inaugural event will place alongside OGA x MOGSEC, Southeast Asia’s largest exhibition supporting the oil and gas industry that welcomed over 25,000 visitors, 534 exhibitors and 12 country pavilions in 2019 before the pandemic break.

PSC 2022 is anticipated to draw strong interest from petrochemical producers, consumers, academic institutions, policy makers, non-profit organisations and other stakeholders.

Conference attendees will also learn about the latest technologies that can support the industry transition and have the opportunity to interact with key policy makers.

“In doing so, we will ultimately be able to support the overall climate aspirations for Malaysia and the region. Our main mission is to be the champion for the petrochemical industry especially in Malaysia, by delivering value through our advocacy work and consultation, and at the same time, help shape public policies that support business continuity, investment, sustainability, employment, innovation, and the environment,” Mr Akbar adds.

Targeted audiences include companies engaged in the manufacturing and trading of petrochemicals and plastic resins, as well as provision of services required by the petrochemical industry.

The inaugural conference will be the first in a series of subsequent biennial conferences, providing a platform for MPA members and beyond to engage with key stakeholders, on a regular basis with identified and agreed agenda and missions to be achieved for each sustainability conference series until arriving at Net-Zero Carbon Emission by 2050.

“We are delighted to work with MPA on this very important event for the industry and the regional economy. The Petrochemical Sustainability Conference will create meaningful dialogue and engagement among leading stakeholders when the regional oil and gas community reconvenes face-to-face in OGA x MOGSEC,” said Mr. Gerard Leeuwenburgh, Country General Manager of Informa Markets Malaysia.


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