Perodua Testing Market With Ativa Hybrid Subscription Model

Business subscription models are working for some societies, but it is still new and not that well known in Malaysia, but Perodua might follow suit in offering a hybrid subscription model.

The company will offer a limited number of units (300) for a long term subscription-based model of its upcoming Ativa Hybrid. It says this is a test for the Malaysian market.

It is also conducting a research to see monitor the acceptance level in Malaysia choosing a selected segment of buyers as participants.

Perodua will also look into vehicle practicality and subscription-model feasibility for the company’s future in this segment.

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Perodua president and chief executive officer Datuk Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad says the company should be able to come out with a more concise report after a year of the test implementation.

Ativa Hybrid

The Perodua Ativa Hybrid has been spotted on Malaysian roads lately.

This will be the company’s first hybrid-powered model launch, following the original Ativa’s other claim to fame as the company’s first ever turbocharged model.

Before the announcement, Perodua tested customers with a questionnaire describing a car subscription package.

The survey asked how much customers are willing to pay monthly to drive one without owning it.

Renault Cars is the first automotive brand in Malaysia to offer a car subscription service.

Now, there are numerous brand offering the same type of services. Flux seems to be a main and a direct rival to Renault’s subscription program.

There is Agility Financing from Mercedes-Benz taking an active role to convert car buyers into ‘renters’.

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