Blue Water Edufest Building A Community of Sustainable Advocates

Event aims to drastically reduce carbon footprint through use of clean energy and PVC-free onsite event branding materials

SINGAPORE – The inaugural Blue Water EduFest 2022 organised by ONE15 Events Management, a subsidiary of SUTL Enterprise Limited, is set to take place at the ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore this November to promote and raise awareness about marine conservation and to highlight the efforts of eco-champions around the region.

The event’s Guest of Honour will be Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development and Minister-in-Charge of Social Services.

Heading Towards Marine Conservation

Bluwater Edufest will also play host to the inaugural two-day educational conference, The Ocean Collective Summit (TOCS).

The conference is organised by The International SeaKeepers Society in cooperation with the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center, founded by Fabien Cousteau, famed for his work as an Aquanaut, Oceanographic, Explorer, and Environmental Advocate.

Taking place over two days, 3 and 4 November 2022, it will feature a panel of iconic speakers, including Mr Cousteau, across the scientific community, environmental agencies, and non-governmental organisations as they impart their knowledge on saving the oceans and coastlines.

This event hallmarks Singapore’s efforts to support sustainability within relevant businesses to fight the ocean crisis in unity. Together with ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, the sponsors of this event are equally passionate about this cause to protect the world’s oceans.

Citi Private Bank And Blue Economy

Blue Water EduFest 2022 is presented by Citi Private Bank, which is dedicated to serving worldly and wealthy individuals and families and providing customized private banking across borders.

Citi has a track record of over two decades work across sustainability, partnering with multiple stakeholders to address the growing challenges and opportunities related to sustainable development.

To further the bank’s commitment toward sustainable progress, Citi has set out its Sustainable Progress Strategy focused on the transition to net zero, climate risk and sustainable operations.

Ms Harlin Singh, Global Head of Sustainable Investing at Citi Global Wealth, of which Citi Private Bank is a part of, will be a keynote speaker at the conference to raise awareness of their global sustainability expertise and thought leadership, as well as encouraging practical actions to transition to a sustainable blue economy.

In addition, Ms Singh will be on the judging panel for the Awards segment that will honour and recognise individuals or social entrepreneurs who have made a positive impact in advocating for and protecting coastal and marine life and environments in the last 24 months.

“Citi is a long-time advocate of sustainability. Our clients and partners are business leaders and individuals who strive to improve the world we live in. Knowledge and collective actions are imperative to ocean and coastal conservation. I believe the diverse insights and community brought together by this event are an integral stepping stone to further progress towards a more prosperous and sustainable ocean,says Ms Harlin Singh.

Sustainability Efforts With Archwey

One of the esteemed speakers of the conference is Mr Sjoerd Fauser, the CEO and founder of Archwey, the holding group of three companies that are changing the game when it comes to innovative means of reusing and reducing plastic waste: Arch & Hook, Shieldler and PlasticBean.

Founded in Amsterdam, Archwey recently launched its global headquarters in Singapore, is a sustainable materials engineering group on a mission to eliminate virgin plastics from the world. By utilising and supporting smart engineering solutions, Archwey is dedicated to ensuring circularity, eradicating plastic pollution and protecting life.

Here at Blue Water EduFest, Mr Fauser will address the global plastic waste problem and its (re-)solution, in hopes of convincing decision-makers and local markets to eliminate the use of virgin plastics while sharing how realistic and immediate solutions – such as Archwey’s BLUEWAVE marine plastics programme – are readily available.

He will also unveil an exciting new product which will be part of the event’s charity auction where proceeds will go to World Wildlife Fund Singapore (WWF-Singapore) to help support their conservation work to understand and protect the marine biodiversity and species that live around Sentosa and the Southern Islands.

“Archwey is thrilled to partner with Blue Water EduFest 2022. We look forward to a progressive event where decision-makers can commit to real impactful change. It is important that thought-leaders and experts in their fields come together to listen and learn – especially about such a crucial subject. Singapore’s climate ambitions reflect our own resolve on the topic, and it is meaningful that this game-changing conference finds a home here too,” –says Mr Sjoerd Fauser.

Reducing Carbon Footprint At The Event

Blue Water EduFest will also be powered by clean energy during the four-day event, reducing its carbon footprint.

EDPR Sunseap, one of the largest and most established clean energy solutions providers in Singapore, will provide solar energy to the entire event including the nightly fund-raising event at the custom-built glass tentage and the conference at the venue’s ballroom.

In addition, all onsite event branding printed materials will be PVC-free and supplied by Greenlab, the first eco-solutions manufacturing plant in Singapore which provides sustainable solutions for businesses such as customisable biodegradable paper bags and compostable cutlery for food and beverage companies.

Echoing ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove’s past efforts, a coral conservation garden at their marina, annual marine clean-ups and more, the event’s corporate advocates for sustainability aligns with the organisation’s values.

By harnessing the sustainable efforts of each sponsor, ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove aims to champion the building of a community of like-minded entities to elevate and broadcast the importance of protecting our oceans for future generations through Blue Water EduFest.

Are you ready for the global movement to protect the world’s oceans and coastlines at Blue Water EduFest?

Whether you are a policy maker, a yacht owner, or simply an individual interested to know more about protecting our Earth’s real lungs, Blue Water EduFest 2022 is the place for you to support this cause.

Join in the conservation conversation and take a pledge to protect the ocean and coastlines today.

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