Hero Packaging Launches First Ever 100% Water Soluble Bags

Eco packaging pioneers Hero Packaging are set to introduce their new 100% water soluble inner garment bags AQUAHERO to market as plastic-free solutions take over the sustainability industry by storm. AQUAHERO is now available for pre-order.

In a world first, the Australian company has successfully created a transparent reusable garment bag that looks and functions like the plastic version in its strength and transparency but is completely dissolvable in boiling water in 30 seconds. For retailers and consumers AQUAHERO is the perfect earth-friendly and budget-friendly alternative to expensive reusable plastic bags.

As single-use plastics are stamped out in states and territories around the world, consumer and retailer demand for better replacement models has intensified, driving more innovation in market leaders like Hero Packaging.

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“Our core vision has always been about being zero-waste and completely plastic free in our supply chains and retail distribution,” says co-founder Anaita Sarkar. “Through innovative technology and sheer persistence, we’ve proven to the world it is possible and business savvy to make the switch from plastic and our latest product is proof of this.”

AQUAHERO™ is manufactured in Malaysia, with the water based inks manufactured in Germany, and are subject to the same rigorous international and Australian certification standards that apply to other Hero products. The bags come in 2 different sizes to suit a variety of garments and are strong enough to be reused if needed.

Hero Packaging and Conservation

AQUAHERO will take its place amongst Hero Packaging’s collection of earth-saving products which include the popular compostable mailer Heropack, padded mailer Herobubble, compostable sticky tape and other mailing accessories. To date, the company estimates it has saved around 20,000,000 plastic mailers from entering the planet’s waste streams and states that its goal is to eliminate plastic from packaging and shipping in Australia and the world.

In the few short years since it went into business in 2018, Hero has made a splash in the retail world, rapidly growing from a two-person outlet run by husband-and-wife duo Anaita Sarkar and Vik Davé to a vast operation servicing big names in e-commerce like fashion label Cue, online retailer Beginning Boutique and Birdsnest. The company now also partners with some of the biggest distribution houses globally and has set itself some ambitious targets to dominate the global plastic-free packaging space.

“We feel very lucky to be able to make a business out of our passion,” says Vik. “The sustainability industry is a very exciting place to be in right now and we love doing our bit to make the world a better place. Plastic-free doesn’t have to cost businesses and change doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. If we all resolve to making one small but positive switch, we can collectively change the world.”

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