Ablycare Helps Local Homes Go Green with Eco-Friendly Acacia Wood Tissue Paper

Ablycare, a Malaysian paper specialist, is offering eco-friendly tissue paper made from 100% virgin acacia wood pulp, in response to growing demand for sustainable brands in Malaysia.

Ablycare’s toilet paper and facial tissues are toxin-free and designed for a variety of skin types. As two-thirds of Malaysians now opt for sustainable brands, Ablycare aims to help more Malaysians transition to greener lifestyles at an affordable price point.

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Acacia trees are fast-growing and can be man-made on a large scale, and Ablycare’s five-year tree planting and harvesting cycle also supports regulated forest conservation. Ablycare’s range of products is made entirely of pulp extracted from man-made acacia trees planted in a cycle specially curated for paper production.

Green, Eco-Friendly. Sustainability.

The company is reducing the felling of natural trees while simultaneously creating a renewable resource through acacia trees. Ablycare’s use of acacia wood pulp and strict adherence to ethical production practices also ensures that their tissues are free from toxins and artificial scents that are commonly found in mass-produced toilet rolls.

Beyond environmental sustainability, the Majestix line of tissue products is also certified to be free of formaldehydes, a common chemical found in wood and its by-products that have been linked to leukaemia and certain rare cancers.

Mark Tiong, Founder and CEO of Ablycare, says: “With limited eco-friendly tissue paper options in the market — and many of them clocking in at premium prices out of reach for the regular consumer — Ablycare found a solution in acacia trees, which are fast-growing and can be man-made on a large scale.

“This way, not only can we give Malaysians more affordable access to a sustainably-made necessity; our short five-year tree planting and harvesting cycle also supports regulated forest conservation for a greener environmental footprint.”

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