WORQ Launches its Largest Coworking Space

WORQ, one of Malaysia’s largest coworking space providers, has officially opened its fifth and biggest outlet in Menara 1 Sentrum, KL Sentral, the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Surrounded by stunning cityscape views, this central location offers easy access to train services and nearby food options.

Occupying two levels in Menara 1 Sentrum, the new 34,000 sq ft space reached 80% occupancy before its launch. The entire upper level has been leased to a single tenant with 300 employees under WORQ Enterprise Solutions, an innovative service for enterprises seeking next-generation office solutions in Malaysia.

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Stephanie Ping, CEO and Co-founder of WORQ says, ”We have continued to see strong demand at all our WORQ outlets, proving that companies are looking for agile solutions that solve their real estate issues.”

At the forefront of innovation in the coworking industry, the company says it understands what the market needs and being able to develop solutions and services for our customers.

”The launch of our newest outlet in KL Sentral is on the back of continued strong demand from the business community in Malaysia and we are excited to see more large scale enterprises understand the benefit of flexible workspaces for their teams.”

Sustainable Coworking

As a market leader, WORQ emphasizes sustainable business practices. Coworking spaces, featuring modular designs that can be repurposed for new tenants with minimal demolition or rebuilding, align with recycling and reusing resources, extending the lifespan of office spaces by up to nine years.

With a projected surge in coworking space adoption to 20% over the next decade, WORQ’s focus on sustainable practices and environmentally friendly design is a step towards a greener and more responsible future, ensuring the company’s long-term success while positively impacting the environment.

WORQ outlets achieve full occupancy within two months on average, significantly faster than the industry average of up to twelve months. The company’s success stems from disciplined execution and a community-driven ecosystem, offering modern professionals a wide range of amenities. As WORQ continues to expand, more businesses across Malaysia can enjoy the benefits of flexible workspaces.

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