Affordable Housing Dwellers Find It Difficult To Upgrade

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 September 2022: A study by a property database technology company found that four of every five families that move into affordable housing – also called low and medium cost (LMC) housing – such as PPR and their variations, will practically end up living there for the rest of their lives. This finding, presented recently by Joe Thor, PropertyGuru DataSense’s general manager, was aimed at unearthing the desirability of LMCs within Klang Valley. “We looked at residential property transactions identified as LMC housing schemes based in Klang Valley from 1980 onwards,” he says at the Rights To The City (R2C) Conference organised by Think City here recently. Volvo Cars Appoints Johan Ekdahl As New CFO Kuala Lumpur, 20 September 2022 – Volvo Cars has appointed Johan Ekdahl as Chief Financial Officer, effective September 1, 2022. He has been Volvo Cars’ acting CFO since June this year when he succeeded Björn Annwall who took up a new position as Chief Commercial Officer & Deputy CEO. Johan joined… Business NewsNews Admin According to Thor, it was important for authorities and planners to understand why four out of five residents are unable or unwilling to leave their LMC housing once they are rooted there. “Only 20% will leave their LMC house and enter into the private housing (built by developers). The reason for leaving LMC housing is primarily because such families got bigger, so they moved mainly to landed terrace houses (and even then, to outer districts as they are cheaper),” he said as he presented the findings of the study that looked at the various motivations that drive the B40 as well as those who are about to move into the M40 income groups. Joe Thor, PropertyGuru DataSense’s general manager Malaysia’s Housing Policies LMC housing has been part of Malaysia’s…

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