An Impactful Journey Towards Creating A Sustainable World

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, July 4, 2022 — In a book aptly named “The Book of Wisdom” recently published by the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) of Malaysia, Mr. Lim Boon Siong, CEO of VISTA Eye Specialist was asked for words of wisdom to share with readers. He replied “When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.” In short, it’s all about Investing in people and building relationships. By investing time in people around yourself, you help them to grow and make a positive change in them. “In the workplace, this means cultivating the right environment to let staff reach their full potential. Instead of handholding staff, take a step back and ask questions, guide them, mentor them and provide a platform for them to grow and excel,” Mr Lim shares. A sustainable world The “Book of Wisdom” collects the real life experience and sharings by 70 of EO Malaysia’s Business Leaders, a global organization that supports the foundation of the entrepreneur in their business, family, life and community. EO consists of a group of like-minded individuals who uses the platform to help support each other to succeed via learning, sharing and mentorship to grow, which is the core of its essence. “It is amazing to be part of an organization with so many influential business leaders, yet who are all so humble to share and bring everyone around them up to be better humans,” shares Mr Raymond Chou, the current EO Malaysia President, “It is through EO that I’ve had the privilege to receive Boon Siong’s selfless support and mentorship to help me through my path, to be able to hold the torch now, carry forward his legacy as a Past President and spread the spirit of EO nationwide.” Novartis Malaysia…

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Novartis Malaysia Opens The Doors Of Its New Hybrid Office As Part Of Footprint Here

Petaling Jaya, July 8, 2022 – Novartis Malaysia, a leading medicines company continues to solidify its presence in the market with the reveal of a new state-of-the-art office in Plaza Imazium, Damansara Uptown. More than just a change of address, the new office is part of the company’s strategic growth plan and commitment to future-proofing its business to better serve customers. Spread over two floors, the office  redesigns today’s work experience for its associates by placing flexibility at the core and prioritizing human connections and collaborations. Established in 1971, Novartis Malaysia has evolved from a small office to a leading player in the healthcare industry hosting three key divisions comprising Innovative Medicines (Pharma and Oncology), Sandoz (Biosimiliars) and the Novartis Global Service Centre Kuala Lumpur (NGSC KL) – one of only five global shared centres in the world. NGSC KL which launched in 2016 has grown in a short span of six years from servicing five countries to 25 markets, including Novartis’s own headquarters in Basel, Switzerland with high end, data and digital enabled working solutions. Mr. Kevin Zou, Head of Novartis Asia Aspiring Markets said:  “For Novartis to achieve its goal and its vision of reimagining medicine, it is critical for future-forward work environments to go hand-in-hand with equally agile business environments. Malaysia’s conducive and adaptive business-friendly support and infrastructure is  a key component to our current footprint that has expanded to more than 800 associates in Malaysia, serving 32 million patients across the country.” “Over the five decades that Novartis has been in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur’s attractiveness as a regional hub has continued to improve, with supportive government incentives, a strong pipeline of key talents, robust infrastructure and an ever-expanding healthcare market.” High-value jobs In 2021, Novartis Malaysia contributed over RM1billion to Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP), with…

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Novartis Malaysia Opens The Doors Of Its New Hybrid Office As Part Of Footprint Here Read More